Monday, August 22, 2011

Seal and Beyonce the venus fly trap

Humor according to my iPhone as of late 
(and not so late...)

If you look on ebay for boardshorts...this is the first thing that comes up.
It also is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

I am a bad daughter. On Father's day I went to the store... and here is what I found in the card section.

The only cards left were in spanish or of the "ebony" line... 

 So here is the card I got. I thought it was awesome. My dad just kind of looked at it confused. 
Happy Father's day dad. You had a weird daughter.

 To prevent spam... and to prevent me from emailing a friend because I am so confused as to how to type upside down.

This little convection hot plate is called the Hoe-1000. 
"Ya, let my hoe warm it up for you." 

 Kinda blurry but it says Mars-viv express and it advertises travel, dance, cable, cell energy and security. 
A little asisan man was driving.  Kinda confusing as to what you are calling about. 
I called him later to come over for a little dance and to discuss travel.

I got a Venus fly trap. It is so high maintenance and such a diva that I named it beyonce. It only drinks distilled water and needs to be in 70-90 degrees half the year and then the other half of the year it sleeps and needs to be in 50-60 degrees. It also does not eat doritos. Diva. Of course you wouldn't.

As dorky as it sounds I just so happened to google "California seals" to figure out what kind of seal I saw. I definitely did not come across West Hollywood. 

Just an interesting tomato I found at work.