Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas is forever... and other such things

Europe was full oh hilarious things. Already told you a few. Here are some pictures to go with. Too lazy to figure out how to rotate the pics. Tilt your head. Deal with it.

Sky mall ad. A shoe to relieve your pain. Do they think this logo is going to catch on? How did this get by marketing? A defunct Nike swoosh? Or a shoe that can impregnate you?

Another Sky mall ad. Shots of fruit. Good thing. I have been really sick of eating apples. They take up way too much time. 45 seconds worth of eating a banana? I can't be bothered with such things....

Sky mall ad again. The most embarrassing version of a snuggie for women. The wish wrap. It has a wish pocket... so you can carry around your wishes. Just what I always needed.

Worst. Jeans. Ever. Fake butt wings? One cheek angel. One Cheek devil. On a man. Really?

Europe has the most masculine cars. Happy 16th timmy! We got you a panda.

I get it. You don't want me to lose this right?

Free Willy 3. The upscale jewelery store.

Yogurt tagged up lots of florence. Wonder how he got his nickname?
Translation error.. or perhaps just a fan of fruit on the bottom and healthy probiotics?

My hair. Washed with a bar of soap. Never. Again.

An advent calendar I was excited about. And then... it was all butts. How merry.

My hostel had a party. Everyone got masquerade masks. Mine looks like a mexican wrestler. No wonder I didn't get a smokin new years kiss.

Tried to order wine. By myself. They brought me a pitcher. Very embarassing to be the single lady drinking a PITCHER of wine. Milantowndrunk2k11

So...what exactly are you selling. A bag with weird mermaid pictures?

Hope this doesn't ever come in style here. These are fake "double layer jeans". To fool people in to think you are wearing two pairs of jeans. To fool people in to thinking you are the weirdest person alive.

Oh forever? Really? Great news.

Wind blown, dyed, curly mullet. With earring. Nuff said. 


  1. these were so funny i made my husband take a look. he likes the double layer jeans the most.

  2. SLS does Europe: one pitcher of wine per person per meal.