Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Graffiti love in Florence
Little sick today. 2nd day home. Feels good. My head is kinda bored and hopped up on cold meds. Kinda fun to do nothing though. Some thoughts:

1. My dad called me. He never calls me. He called me at 2AM sunday to wish me happy birthday. It was not my birthday. Convo:
Phone rings. See my Dad's number... who never calls me. So I am worried something happened..
ME: Hello? Everything ok?
DAD: Oh hey cecilia. Ya.. Ya...you still up?
ME: Um...I uhh... no I was sleeping.. but.. its 2.. so it scared me when you called... so i answered... so...
DAD: Oh ya... you're right. Sorry. Just got off work. Just calling to say Happy Birthday.
ME: Thanks. Its ...uhhh... it's not though.
DAD: OH... shoot. It's not?
ME: Uh.. ya no. Well. Almost. It's Melissa's birthday. Well. Yesterday. Because it's 2.
DAD: Ohhhhh..ok. Well. Alright. So..... Europe fun?
ME: Um ya. It was. But... can we talk about this later? It's 2.
DAD: Alright.. welll uhhh.. ya! Sorry bout that.

 2.  Tissues. Must be the saddest objects in the world. Only used if you are sad, or sick. On the subject of tissues. Why must all commercials for tissues and cold products be the worst commercials ever. There is the tissue commercial where they are animated with big heads and get red noses. There is the mucinex commercial which is just so annoying. I hate it. There is the one where the real life people get huge heads. Killing me. Also... tissues with lotion in them... the concept blows my mind... but they are the bomb. 

3. I have been wearing a onesie footy pajama almost 36 hours now. It is fantastic. I think in real  life work situations there should always be one pajama day every  year. Makes life so much more fun I would imagine. School totally had it right growing up. Do you remember how exciting pajama day was? Twin day was cool too....except my best friends were twins. They kinda stole all the glory.

4. Haven't been super hungry. Ate some popcorn last night. Can you imagine the excitement of being the first person to discover popcorn? What a great discovery. And the first person who decided it was a great thing to eat during movies? Worst person ever. I want to kill them. Nothing worse than ol' popcorn cruncher next to you chompin' away like it's their private show. Get a room. 

5. Orange Juice... OJ. Is orange juice really that hard of a word to say that we have an common understanding about the shortening of this juice's name. When people say it it makes me feel like they have this close connection with orange juice... and I am on the outside looking in. How come not apple juice as AJ? Or grape juice? Pass the GJ. Not the same ring at all. Actually .... just kinda creepy. 

6. Kinda want a sandwich. But I can't decide. Sandwiches are hard for me and I almost never order them because I never know what to do about the pickles and peppers. I love pickles. They totally dominate the sandwich though. So I take them out and eat them separately. I wish I could just say "pickles on the side please". This is too much work though and I hate those kind of people who do stuff like that. Also.. peppers. I like bell peppers. I like them on my sandwiches. But when a sandwich maker asks, "Peppers?" he is lumping all peppers in to one category.  And therein lies the dilemma. I don't like jalapenos or pepperoncinis. But if you say no peppers... our friend the Bell is out. But if you don't want jalapenos or pepperoncinis... you have to say it. This leads to one of the hardest mouth exercises and mind confusion in the world. Let me begin with pepperoncinis. What is up with that word. When you say it... where does the ON disappear to? Also... it reminds me too much of a pepperoni. There should not be a word that is that similar that mean such different things. Jalapenos...... where to begin. It's own column to start with....

7. The problem with jalapenos. The problem with jalapenos... besides that they are too spicy and dominating for my liking... is that you have to say the word jalapenos. In doing this you must decide if you want to say the word like a white person or if you want to say the word with a mexican accent. This is one of the biggest dilemmas faced in California and the world over today. Chances are... if you live in California.. you know HOW to say the word "jalapeno" correctly...as well as many other words. But are you the kind of person who will be casually talking and slip in a totally mexican accent on one word and then continue on? I totally get it. You know how to say the word. You shouldn't pretend you don't know how to say the word. More power to you. It would be sillier to pretend not to know how to say it.  BUT...I will always laugh at you. Don't be offended. It is just one thing for me that never gets old. Luckily Santa Barbara has many chances for people to demonstrate their Spanish speaking skills sporadically throughout normal conversation and luckily for me... I always get a kick out of it. 

8. One thing I am never confused about on sandwiches ..... avocado. Always a yes. The other day the person abbreviated it "ADVOC" on my sando. I didn't like it. It isn't an advocado.

9. One thing I am worried about with this blog is that people are going to discover how much I find annoying and never want to hang out with me. If you spell things wrong, have extra picky sandwich orders, say "jalapeno" correctly, say OJ, if you chew popcorn in a movie theater loudy... it's ok I still like you and really would like to be friends still. Ok. Almost. Popcorn friend? You're out.

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  1. Your comments on the pronunciation of jalapenos reminded me that in N. Ireland they call fajitas fah-jhi-tas. Really weird...