Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 before 30

High hopes in BK. I think these are high. But I can do it.
Sooo my roommate did this...chipped off a list of stuff she wanted to do before she was 30. I like it. I am copying. I have about.... 4 years and 3 months to do this... join if you want. Ill do a little update when I check stuff off. I have been compiling this list for a couple months. I'm for realsies about it...

1.Go to Austin, Boston and New Orleans - potential road trip?
2.Watch The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Avatar so people get off my back.
3.Take violin or drum lessons again (atleast 5)
4. Do a marathon
5. Shoot a gun
6. Buy a road bike
7. Hike the John Muir trail
8. Ride a motorcycle (passenger please)
9. Go to a NFL game
10.Go to Oktoberfest
11. Take a cake decorating class
12. Sew an outfit and wear it at least once
13. Do a 5ft painting
14. Go to a NASCAR event
15. Read Brothers Karamazov 12/27/10/Anna Karenina/Atlast shrugged
16. Hike down in to the grand canyon
17. Learn to crochet a beanie
18. Master cooking a gourmet 5 course meal
19. Go on a fishing trip (like a sea one)
20. Learn to drive a stick/ change my tires / change my oil (sorry dad...I never got the grasp of all 3)
21. Go on a silent retreat (3+ days)
22. Learn basic spanish
23. Take my paints and add on to a hotel painting
24.Grow a veggie garden (to full this time.. ha)
25. Milk a cow
26. Enter a writing contest
27. Be a vegetarian for one month
28. Live on my own
29. Read the bible straight through
30. Mud bath in Calistoga

Thats all.


  1. I would love to help you with numbers 2, 5, and 11! Shooting Range next weekend? - Kelly

  2. YES! Maybe sunday? I could use som Kelvin in my life : )

  3. I'm in for 1. 2. 4. 7. 10. and 11. Oh, and I wanna do 15 too. We should start a miniature book club to get ourselves through them. Me and you...talking through the convoluted wordage of those extremely long books. And as for "do"ing a marathon...well you could check that off by simply handing out some water cups...change it to "run" and I'm in.

  4. I laughed out loud at number 23....aaaaaand I fully intend to do it -- collaboration piece perhaps?


  5. said roommate is from texas... we can take care of the guns and cows bit, duh... but i must say i'm S.A.D. about the living alone one. that leaves me S.O.L. didn't know you were doing this. totes worth it dude.