Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stuff that's working for me...

So.....ok... I find a lot of stuff funny and I CAN be kind of a cynic about life a bit. I did intend for this blog to be stuff I like too. So... in order make sure people still want to hang out with me and quit saying "are you gonna put this in your blog?" every time they say something absurd.... here is some stuff that's working for me lately:

 I love Elsies because they serve poptarts and kettlechips with a beer. Genius.

 I really love my job at Phoenix House and Mountain House. Both are beautiful locations. Here is a sunset when I was there the other night. I never feel like I am working there. I really love it.

 My house that is now decorated with Christmas because my roommate
and I are going to be gone lots of December.  Come over. I love having people over lately too.

 I love my christmas pajamas. They are ones my cousins have too. I love  opening my christmas pajamas every christmas eve. This year I may have to wrap/unwrap my own christmas pajamas and wear them... wherever I am. These glow in the dark. That's fun.

 I love David Sedaris. This book is hilarious. It's written from the point of view of animals having human interactions. Love it.

 I love these flowers. They were 3.99. They make my room happy. 

 I love this Keel's simple diary for my life right now. I used to journal a lot and then it felt too heavy for a bit. This is a page a day and it just asks you really silly questions about your day. Its fluffy. I dig it.get it here
 This is painted by a kid who has autism that I worked with. He doesn't talk much but he's a very brilliant artist. He paints AMAZING things. his gallery. It's so awesome.

There was a super cool video about Andy Irons memorial paddle out in Hanalei. They took it down. Hopefully they put it back up. BUT... here's some cool pics. If they put the vid up again I'll for sure post it.  

 I love Crush Cafe. On my breaks at Phoenix House I walk over there and grab coffee. Or granola. Or all other things delicious. crush cafe

My cousins band, Warpaint. I really love them. Not because she is my cousin either. I love this video. Its floaty and beauuuutiful. 

I also love this. It's a love blog. It's pretty.

Anyway. That's all for today. Hopefully those give me enough juice for a couple more weeks of sarcasm and people being able to talk around me. Ha.

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  1. your cousins band kind of sounds like a cross between the cranberries and metric. i like it! and this is a super cute post :)