Monday, November 8, 2010

Little of this.. little of that...

Today was slightly absurd for the following mish mosh of reasons:

1) 5 hours of clients bailed today. Literally. 5. The last client bailed as she was walking away from me and didn't know I saw her. I called her on her cell to see where she was going and immediately she anwered and said "Ya, I can't make it today. I'm pretty busy". Hm thanks. I know you made it. Busy walking away.

2) My gym called to  tell me they noticed I'm lazy. I wasn't aware this happened to people or I would have never joined. I felt the need to explain my life got a little messy and defend myself. Ironically my friend and I planned to go to morning yoga tmw. Now I can't bail. Damn. The horrifying convo was such:

-Unknown number calls.
ME: Hello?
Girl: Yes hello. Is this cecilia? This is stephanie from Spectrum.
ME: Oh ya... ummm hi?
Girl: Ya well, I was just calling to check in on you because we noticed you had been doing really well and coming in pretty consistently and then about a couple of months ago you really tapered off.....
ME: Oh ummmm ya I--
Girl: So is there anything wrong?
ME: Oh ya.. no  I just had some stuff going on.. and I uh... Ya well.. I got busy and some things happened so.... ya no.. its...
Girl: Oh ok, so busy?
ME: Ya.... I just... ya...
Girl: Oh ok, well can I schedule some personal training times for you to come in and we can get you started up again?
ME: No actually. I uh.. I AM starting up again. Well.. uhh.. my friend and I are coming tmw for the morning yoga class!
Girl: Right.... Well Ok then.... well... We hope to see you back around!
ME: Oh okk.. uhh.. thanks?

3) I went to the craft store to get some yarn to knit a new beanie. Picked up a crocheting book because I thought that might be fun to learn too. Quickly put it down after realizing all I was going to learn was how to make my husband look ridiculous.... and like he likes men.

4) Went to CVS to pick up a few items. Did not pick up a few other items such as:
Oh true fun. Shoot, I really have been missing out. All this time and true fun merely lies in a peace sign snuggie.

Reallllllllly using the term "designer" loosely these days.

 Oh the old 19.99 leather jacket in a bag trick. Wait, What?! Two side pockets AND and inside pocket. This must be a dream. Im in. Such a steal... and its usually worth 50 bucks. Suckers.

4) After I recovering from the horror that was CVS I went to get coffee. They were selling this lovely piece of merchandise. Really? What happens in Goleta stays in Goleta? Not even like.... isla vista... santa barbara even? And really? Black wife beater? And really? At a coffee shop? Who buys this.

 5) And last but not least.. I was introduced to this little hilarious gem of a website about the horrors of auto correct on the iphone. I havent laughed this hard in the longest time. My worst auto correct moment was definitely when I was telling one of my friends to come over a couple of years ago. I like to call people goons sometimes. She had very recently come out to me as being gay. The text I meant to send "Come over goon!"... the text I sent "Come over homo!".  Thanks auto correct. Jeez.

And with that I leave you...


  1. bahahahaha.
    she walked away?!?
    girls who work at the gym are NOT on my team. take me off the call list, thx.
    snuggies are also NOT on my team. nor is the $19.99 leather jacket. sad cows made those jackets.
    "i'll call you when i have a sec"="i'll call you when i have a sex" at least once a month. at least the person can smile knowing that i talk about things other than business and rushing and accommodating?

  2. I'm embarrassed. Because I work at that coffee shop. And everytime I see that shirt, I cringe. It used to be your favorite coffee shop. The new merch must have scared you away. I don't blame you.

  3. 1. you've inspired me to start blogging again and then...
    2. i realized i am not funny and it will never be as good as this one.. and then
    3. i'm gonna need that "what happens in goleta stays in goleta" black beater.

  4. Nik I was just thinking about you bc I had a pretty fun bout of making it rain this weekend and I thought about making it rain at that sports bar in middle of the day after the brunch. Hahah. Miss you and the girls. Ps. I find you particularly hilarious