Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I learned in school today: 3

Funny little animals on a wall in Williamsburg, NY.

SO... school today yesterday was absurd as always. Couple musings...

1. "Heyyyy.. you clean up well."
So, I had to give two presentations yesterday. I'll admit that I picked out a nicer shirt than usual. Nothing too fancy. A  J.Crew blouse (the word blouse gives me the creeps for some reason). Definitely not even slacks (because that word is way too creepy). Some jeans. Flats. Cardigan. I was feeling pretty good... until I got to school. I got the following comments:

    -"WOahhh... You clean up well" (this one I got twice)
    -"Look at you! Little makeup.. your hair done! Lookin good!" (I do my makeup and hair everyday)
     -"Woahhhh who you trying to impress?!" (My classes are almost all middle aged women)

I just want to talk about "You clean up well." This is a backhanded compliment in my book. I get it a lot. What am I usually wearing that is so awful?! Please someone tell me. It's not like I am a lumberjack or construction worker. I don't wear messy/nasty clothes for a living. I'm not a painter. I didn't just meet these people camping. I don't have swim practice with them. The people who generally say this to me are people in my professional life.... where generally I am looking my nicest. So be warned...  if you tell me "Woah.. you clean up well.." me it says "You dress like a dirty homeless person most days."

2. Nipple Shadow
WHAT? Ya. I said it. You can't just drop a word like that. It happened in one of my classes. This woman was giving her presentation on a client and was going over the clients medical history and casually said in this fashion, "His charts show history of diabetes, a nipple shadow, and potential liver damage from previous alcohol abuse." Ummm.. what. You just said nipple shadow... like it was a cough... or like he had an ingrown toenail on his left big toe. Clearly I immediately burst out laughing and continued to do the stifled laugh/red face/cry for the rest of the 10 minute presentation trying sooo hard not to. Which makes it worse. Because 5 minutes later in attempt to hold a laugh I let out the weirdest noise and the whole class stopped and looked at me.. and all I could muster was a, "sorry.... nipple shadow." Which was weird. And immature. Really blowing it in class. By the way.... a nipple shadow is real and hilarious. You bet I googled the crap out of nipple shadows. It literally is the shadow of nipples on a chest x-ray... but they have to put it in the charts because like 3% of the time its lesions in your chest. Bahhahaha. How embarrassing to have a nipple shadow on your chart? Seems like the medical community made up a hilarious joke.

3. Harry Potter as having early onset severe Paranoid Schizophrenia
So in class yesterday I had to give a half hour presentation. The assignment was to present a fictional adolescent character with a case conceptualization, diagnosis and treatment plan. So... I say to myself. Hmmm.. fictional character... that's someone out of a movie or book. FALSE. Everyone else in my class did fictional characters as in... I made up this case about "Carmen Ramirez"... but she is really one of my clients. I did Harry Potter. I reasonably diagnosed him with Paranoid Schizophrenia.  My proof/reasoning. To make things worse... my professor had never seen Harry Potter. Great. Yes, yes I am 25 years old. I swear.  
Sidenote: I love HP. I know that he is magic. I know he doesn't have a mental disorder. 

4. "So... Queers huh?"
I am in a multicultural clinical skills class. Our topic yesterday was about how to be a "queer ally". I have great friends who are gay. I have people in my family who are gay. Love them. I am an ally.  I have no problem with gay people. BUT... suggestion number 7 on our "How to be a Queer Ally" handout says, "Bring up queer topics in conversation". Hahhahah. I get what it means. It means don't be scared to talk about the issue of homophobia, etc. I'm fine with that. Love it. How it is worded is absurd. "So.. I would like to transition in to talking about some queer things now..." 

Peace up. Nipple shadow. A-town down.


  1. Story #1 is killing me. Hahaha how annoying "Hair? Makeup? Lookin good!" while you're thinking "blehhhhh you ass, I do this everyday..." haha. I think you always look bangin. Miss you.

  2. a) I laughed out loud. I would have laughed at a Nipple Shadow too. How funny is that? Who has a Nipple Shadow?
    b) I also like that you included the Google document proof of Harry Potter being schitzo. I looked at it (confession) and I think it makes the post all the more enjoyable.
    c) You're going to be a great counselor. People seem to be a little too serious. Love reading, Cece.

  3. Ceci, this is brilliant...however the term you were looking for is Peace UP, (nipple shadow) A-Town down...

  4. great call pj. I suppose I was mostly concentrating on inserting the nipple shadow. Standard


  6. hahahahahaha! okay literally, i just laughed out loud in a quiet study room 4 times reading your post. my friends glared at me. but this is seriously hilarious.

    i totally agree with when people say "wow, you put in effort today". um rude? i put in effort every day.

    and every single other one was just epic. ohhh thanks for the laughs.

  7. ummm. I literally laughed OUT LOUD (at work) when I read about the nipple shadow. How did that not come up last night???
    oh my, oh my.

  8. the harry potter part was my favorite! :)